PD Session 01 – Culture & Community

We had a great time tonight during our first PD session. Our main goal was to foster a sense of community and I believe we were very successful in accomplishing this goal. We began the night with the following quote from Teaching with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen Recruit and train the best staff you can. p. 41 We truly believe that we have recruited some wonderful people. We are so excited about getting to work with these wonderful teachers! It was great hearing the reasons why these teachers want to work at Math Journeys.

Next, we played the name game with a ball. This game is to help individuals learn names and it is a fun way to work as a team to accomplish a task. The task at hand is for participants to say all the names in the group as they toss a ball around. The first time we did this it took us 1:39 but after three times we got the time down to 8 seconds. I wonder if we will be able to do it quicker next week…

After the teams were formed (thanks Charlotte for the great “Take me to your leader” game), we talked about what a typical day at Math Journeys looks like. We watched a few minutes of our Journeys promotional video to show the staff what students had to say about last year’s school. It’s common for students to hate having to come to Math Journeys initially, but then their mindset changes and they hate having to leave when the summer is over.

The final activity of the night involved a design challenge where teachers and coaches had to make a paper table that would hold at least two crates. The teachers had 20 minutes as a team to create this structure. They had a lot of fun doing this. Check out the photos and video below to see the teachers in action!

This video doesn’t exist

As you can see from the video and photos above, it was great fun tonight! We really look forward to discussing the curriculum more in-depth next week as we continue to prepare for this summer. See you next Thursday!

Agenda PD Session 01 (Click the link to download a complete copy of tonight’s agenda)


  1. Elizabeth Clifford

    The paper table was a lot of fun! I’m curious to see what happens when we apply the limits that the table has be 8 inches tall and hold 10 lbs. :0 🙂 Great pics and video, Jason. You really captured the flavor of that activity.


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