Dot Flash Cards

Dot flash cards are great to use daily in the classroom to help students build number sense. Check out the document below. It has many premade cards. It’s super easy to make these on your own, but these will give you a start. We encourage teachers to use one or two of these per day at the onset of their math lessons to help build number sense. If you use the premade cards below, cut them in half. We’ve added two per page to save space. When you are ready to use the cards, flash them in front of your students for a couple of seconds. Then ask, “How many dots did you see?” After they give you a number, then ask them, “How did you see the dots?” It’s common to have several different methods of “seeing” the dots. Write these down and then move on. As you progress with dot cards, you will want to ask different questions and write different things down. Check back soon for another post that talks about the advanced dot card techniques.

Dot flash cards (Click to download dozens of premade dot flash cards)

Directions for using dot flash cards

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