PD Session 02 – Radioactive Field

We had another great night of PD. We have such a wonderful team of teachers. There are many things to post and not enough time to do it all tonight. Check back over the coming days to see highlights from tonight’s session.

Check out the video below to see a team building activity we did called Radioactive Field. The staff of Math Journeys 2011 had a great time with this! Watch to see the entire team improve as groups learn from each others’ mistakes.

Radioactive Field

  • Materials: three boards (pieces of plywood or envelopes work fine) about a foot square
  • The goal is to transfer the entire group across an open, flat area using three protective shields without touching the ground with any body part. Boards must not be thrown across the open area.
  • Future ideas: (1) Set specific parameters (2) Pick a student/teacher to judge (3) Post the rules (4) Change rules to make the game more challenging/add obstacles (5) Connect to real world (6) Clean up mess

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