PD Session 02 – Quotes

This year, the Math Journeys team is studying the book Teaching With Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen. This past week, we read chapter three. Here are some of our favorite quotes from this chapter.

Jensen, Eric. Teaching with Poverty in Mind: What Being Poor Does to Kids’ Brains and What Schools Can Do about It. Alexandria: ASCD, 2009.


p. 46 – The reasons things stay the same is because we’ve been the same. For things to change, we must change!

p. 47 – Relatively recently, we have learned that we can intentionally change the brain’s structure and organization.

p. 54 – Kids raised in poverty need more than just content; they need capacity.

p.56 – Every successful school intervention for low-SES kids features some variation on the theme of rebuilding the operating system and honing the fewest processes that matter most to the learning process. Such interventions enrich students.

p.63 – Kids can change and we can make it happen.

p. 63 – When you take care of your staff members, they can take care of the students.

p. 64 – …the human brain is designed to change from experiences and that if we design enough high-quality experiences, over time we will get positive change.

p.65 – The first prerequisite for change is your belief in it – and your willingness to change yourself first.

p. 65 – Students’ brains don’t change from more of the same.

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