Monthly Archives: June, 2011

Math Journeys 2011 – Day 13

Tomorrow is Parent Day and the end of Math Journeys. We’d love to have the auditorium at full capacity tomorrow to view students performing their final challenges. Student representatives will be chosen from each team to participate in a final design challenge. The competitions will begin at 11AM in the auditorium. We would love for parents to …

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Math Journeys 2011 – Day 12

Students continued to work on understanding fractions on a number line during the morning math time. After lunch, two software engineers who have traveled the world doing engineering work talked to our students about how working hard in school and being good problem solvers has helped them be successful in their career and life. Students …

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Math Journeys 2011 – Day 11

Students worked hard today understanding how to see fractions on a number line. Using the number line is what many mathematicians feel is the best way to represent a strong understanding of fractions. We are hoping to see our students use the number line more often. For the rest of the week, students will be asked to use the …

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