Book review

We chose Teaching with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen for our Math Journeys 2011 book study. We finished our talk about the book last Thursday night. Here were some of the high points from our conversation:

Discuss the important things that you’ve learned from this book…how can you apply what you’ve learned to your Math Journeys’ classrooms?

  • Building hope…teachers & students
  • Looking at each student to differentiate instruction
  • Boys vs. girls interest in math & science
  • Enrichment…getting kids interested in new challenging activities…defeating boredom
    • What is enrichment? Student choice/high order thinking/finding your passion/typically GT kids do this…ALL kids need this! /
    • Using music to grab students’ interest initially in the morning/in transitions?
    • Build hope through high standards…believing in what we do…GT type projects throughout the year for everyone
    • Learning from each other..teachers and students
    • Engaging classrooms that are community rich…involved…dedication…wanting to participate

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