Longterm goals

The Journeys team worked hard today getting Mann Magnet Middle School ready for our program. All of the teachers are excited about starting the day tomorrow. This afternoon, we discussed and came up with our longterm goals that we will be working on through the summer. The goals can be summed up in the following sentence: Math Journeys 2011 colleagues plan to create confident, expressive, and  resilient students who are intrinsically motivated to be successful in all that they do! This is a large task but we are looking forward to accomplishing it. See you guys tomorrow!


  1. suzi davis

    What great pix and news. Off to a great start I think. Love the notecard activity and the finished products.

  2. Felicia Hayes

    I am absolutely addicted to this site!!! It is so fun to watch the lesson (replay) and new ones to see all the ideas that are being discovered at Math Journeys!! This is real teaching and real fun!!!! Thanks Mr. Crader for working so hard and keeping this so up to date, it’s a great tool for teachers and students.

    Ms. Hayes

    • Thanks Ms. Hayes. I really appreicate you and the rest of the Math Journeys staff being willing to have open classrooms that allow me to capture on video the wonderful teaching and learning that is occuring each day. I appreciate all of your hard work! You are a great teacher!

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