Math Journeys 2011 – Day 5

Math Journeys 2011 Day 5 Highlights

Team building continues to be emphasized as students and teachers get to know each other. One of the favorite team building activities involved the use of tissue paper. While the students and teacher were in their team meeting, the teacher pulled out a roll of tissue paper and asked the students to take as much as they think they needed. This is the only comment that the teacher made. Some students pulled off just a few sheets and others pulled off many. When the tissue paper got back to the teacher, he/she pulled off a few sheets and then told the students that they had to tell something about themselves for each sheet of tissue paper they held in their hands. Some had to tell a few things and others had to tell a lot.

During the morning lesson, students were challenged to solve a few problems that involved peaches and peach tarts. After lunch, students worked on creating a unique game with a partner. There were many wonderful creations. These games are going to be setup in a carnival-like atmosphere for students to play later this summer.

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