Math Journeys 2011 – Day 13

Tomorrow is Parent Day and the end of Math Journeys. We’d love to have the auditorium at full capacity tomorrow to view students performing their final challenges. Student representatives will be chosen from each team to participate in a final design challenge. The competitions will begin at 11AM in the auditorium. We would love for parents to come at 10AM to visit your child’s classroom and see some of the work he she created in the past three weeks. At noon, we will go to the cafeteria for pizza, punch, and cake.

We had a full day of learning that included the Beasts of Burden problem, more fractional work on the number line, and some classrooms designed bags to hold a large amount of candy. We hope to see a full house tomorrow!

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Check out the class photos that were shot today! The administrative staff is so thankful to have such a great group of teachers & coaches. You guys did a FANTASTIC job this summer! We are so proud of you!!!

Ms. Graham’s Class

Mrs. Relano’s Class

Mrs. Davis’s Class

Mrs. Thomas’s Class

Mr. Hunter’s Class

Mrs. Wilson’s Class

Mrs. Cobbs’s Class

Mrs. Friemel’s Class

Mrs. Knott’s Class

Mr. Willard’s Class

Mrs. Smith’s Class

Mr. Gonzalez’s Class

Mrs. Shaw’s Class

Ms. Griffin’s Class

Ms. Johnson’s Class

Ms. Hayes’s Class


  1. Susie

    Can you post the Group Picture of Mrs.Griffins’ Class that was taken on: 6/30/2011,Please?

    • It will be up in a few minutes! 🙂

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