Monthly Archives: June, 2012

Voices of Journeys 2012

Each year, we produce a video to showcase students and their experiences at Math Journeys. Check out our 2012 version below! [vimeo w=640&h=360]

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Math Journeys 2012 | Day 18

Math Journeys 2012 ended earlier this afternoon. We had a wonderful time and celebration with parents and other visitors to our school. From 10:30-11:30am students showed off the games that they designed and built during our program. At 11:30am, we showed our Voices of Journeys 2012 video (Check back later to see this video in …

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Math Journeys 2012 | Day 17

We had a great day at Journeys. Students spent a good deal of time today finishing their plastic bottle design challenge and their get moving games. We hope to have many visitors tomorrow from 10:30am-12:30pm to celebrate our students’  success! Check out the video below about a boy from California that built a cardboard arcade …

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