Math Journeys 2013 PD Session 01

Last Thursday, we had our first professional development session with the entire team of Math Journeys 2013 teachers. We had a great night and are looking forward to learning more together this week. Check out our agenda below to see some of the ideas we discussed and things we learned.

Math Journeys 2013

Session 1 Agenda

May 2, 2013

4:30-5:30 Opening – Classroom Meeting Style

  • Introductions – name and why MJ
  • Play Splat
  • Norms
  • Create goals for Journeys 2013
    • Teachers
    • Students
  • Introduce Class Meeting Format – Why do you think this has been so successful for learning?
    • Brainstorm
    • Pass out handout
    • Go over the procedures – Leader, Compliments, Agenda Book – goal is for students to become the leader
  • Team Game – Find your coach

5:30-6:00  Working Dinner

  • Pre-Test

6:30-7:15  Design Challenge

  • Paper table or strongest structure
  • Discuss what your day will look like at Journeys

7:15-7:30   Journal:

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