About us

Math Journeys is housed on the 2nd floor of King Interdistrict Magnet Elementary (905 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Little Rock AR 72202). Our office number is 447-5126, and can be found in room 215. Our school day is from 8:45AM – 1:00PM, Monday-Friday.

Math Journeys is a three-week summer school for rising sixth grade students in the Little Rock School District. We began this program in 2005 with the idea and purpose of helping increase students foundational understanding of rational numbers (fractions and decimals) before they begin middle school mathematics. Research shows that understanding fractions is crucial for students success in middle and high school. We help students learn about rational numbers in a conceptual way that is fun and engaging. Another goal we have is to increase students confidence in their ability to problem solve using math. A third and equally important goal is that we see our summer school an avenue to help serve as a transition program to prepare rising 6th grade students for the middle school experience.

Our goal for students is to create autonomous learners who are confident, persistent, creative problem-solvers and team players.  We want our students to have many experiences with communicating their strategies and reasoning to others.  We also want them to learn how to critique and discuss the reasoning of others. Above all we want them them to be confident as learners and to know that math and science is not just for a select few but that it is accessible to all students.

Also important to know is that Math Journeys is a Professional Development Lab School for teachers. Our goal is to provide a rigorous, supportive professional learning community that gives teachers the time and opportunity to learn new content and strategies for teaching math and science.  Our focus content in math is fractions because this is an area teachers struggle to help students understand AND because this understanding is critical for our students to be successful in algebra and other high level mathematics courses.

We are also introducing teachers to engineering design tasks that help introduce students to the exciting world of engineering. We hope they will use these tasks during the regular school year with their students. We want OUR students to get the math and science jobs that are out there waiting for them.

Other info:  Teachers plan together an hour in the morning before students arrive and participate in professional development and planning 1 hour and 15 minutes after the students leave. The math coaches under the guidance and support of the leadership team provide intense support in the classroom as the teachers learn how to implement new strategies and content.  In addition, three research lessons are implemented over the course of the school. During a research lesson, students stay afterschool to take part in a team-created lesson in which all teachers in the school observe and collect data on the students’ response to the planned strategies. A lively debriefing takes place afterwards with all staff discussing what was learned.

Check out what former students have to say about our program by watching the videos below.

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  1. E Clifford

    This site is awesome. The video reveals what’s important to kids – factors that lead to high achievement for ALL students. I hope everyone will be sure to watch the whole thing.- see the pictures of the activities and the class pictures. They’re so cute!!

    I also like the teacher resources. Great work, Jason. Thanks so much. I think Journeys is going to soar to even greater heights this year!!

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